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1,30m and taller

Pupils, apprentaces & students

Ages 12 and above
Height 1,30m and taller


Ages 3 to 11

up to 1,10m 1,10m - 1,30m 1,30m and taller

  • Choosing the right course is dependant on the hieght oft he child. Please tick the appropriate box (see above).

*Time includes equipment and safety briefing.

**Please wear suitable and closed climbing gloves to protect against infection and injury.

Useful accesories:

Rental coop 
lockable / for up to 2 people / 5,00 € deposit
€ 1.00 
Rental box 
lockable/ for 7 to 10 people / 5,00 € deposit
€ 3,00 
Climbing gloves (to keep)** € 3,00 
Hygenic headcap included
Personal Instructor for 1 hour/2 hours
E.g. to accompany children while climbing, depending on availability
€ 50,00 € 70,00 

Our pricelist
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